IEI+GROUP 2014_0717-01

IEI integrated solutions are developed with smart city evolves

With cities continuously evolve, the environment construction and facilities are developed and built in tremendous innovative technologies, which enrich people’s lives. The more convenient in people’s lives, the more data needs to collect, analyze and transmit. The challenges of huge data collection and network security are raised.

At IEI, we offer flexible and highly integrated solutions in smart city systems development of transportation, home automation, intelligent retail system, unmanned manufacturing, telemedicine operation, online and offline services to make intelligent living over generations contributing an unrestrained and enjoyable environment.

IEI alliance with Intel, Microsoft, Wind River, SAP, Amazon offer the entire intelligent systems in kinds of hardware devices, different operations systems, multi applications, private/ hybrid/ public cloud computing, data storage and security develop the integrated solutions, co-business in new applications and expand the markets together. Coming with IEI smart city solutions to find your opportunities and make a great achievement.

Smart Transport


Computers and platforms are communicated via GPS, Wifi, RFID, OBDII, Wireless to remote manage the client devices and collect data.


Smart Health


Intelligent machine vision system and remote control platforms in unmanned factory manufacturing.


Smart Retail


Automatically to check the inventory and real time sale status feedback and monitored through the applications by mobile devices.


Smart Factory


Intelligent machine vision system and remote control platforms in unmanned factory manufacturing .


Smart Home

HomeRFID, Zigbee, Bluetooth, wireless sensor tag s are connected via cloud gateway with your handle devices to remote control.


Smart Cloud

Cloud-newTo secure your data in the communication and networking via public, hybrid and private clod computing.


IEI Remote Intelligent System

IEI iRIS (IEI Remote Intelligent System) is a remote control technology which is IPMI 2.0 compliant. IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a standardized computer system interface for Out-of-Band Management of computer systems and monitoring of their operation. It allows managing power-off or unresponsive systems through network. iRIS is hardware-level remote control technology, so you don’t need go into operating system (OS) or login shell in order to implement remote control.


IEI Mobile device management

IEI Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide security, reporting, and managements for mobile device that access your network. IEI Mobile device management enables business to address challenges associated with mobility by proving a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from IEI mobile device management with SAP®. Our solution enable you to enroll deice in your enterprise quickly, configure and update deice, setting over-the-air and secure mobile devise.